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iPhone Software for the Oil Field

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5 Reasons You Must Use Pumper’s Friend®

1. Significantly reduces the need for paper records

2. Easy access to historical data

3. Collect & transmit pumper reports digitally

4. Low Cost – Free!

5. Easy to learn – Tutorials on this Website


New Features in v1.2

1. Pumper’s Notes

2. Pick-up Ticket

3. Email Report Format

4. Backup or Duplicate Data

5. GPS Location Data












Dave from Oklahoma

This work is dedicated to all the hard-working folks in the oil patch. Every day of the year, in every kind of weather, they work to meet the energy needs of this country.




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Pumper’s Friend® Reviewed by The Desk & Derrick Club of Oklahoma City

In their November newsletter, the Oklahoma City Desk & Derrick Club reviewed the Pumper’s Friend® iPhone app. Look for the article by Cindy Gibbs on page 8. You can read the full article at this link: http://bit.ly/uDIaZf.     Be Sociable, Share! TweetShort URL: http://bit.ly/MxObxs

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The Oklahoman Covers Pumper’s Friend® iPhone App

The Oklahoman Interview On October 12, Jay Marks interviewed me about the Pumper’s Friend® iPhone app, for an article in The Oklahoman. Steve Gooch captured a great image from my training seminar in Oklahoma City on October 12. Read the entire article at: The Oklahoman Interview. Be Sociable, Share! TweetShort URL: http://bit.ly/MxObxu

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