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Objectives and expected significance of the research.

The overall objective is to enhance stripper well operation with the deployment of smartphone technology that allows for the efficient gathering of well data. Additional objectives are listed below.

  1. Develop smartphone field interface. This is the most important aspect of the project. The user interface must be easy-to-use and intuitive, such that the field personnel will save time over current paper-based data collection methods. The intuitive interface will also reduce start-up efforts and reduce training requirements.
    Spending time in the field with independent operators and well tenders will give a better understanding of what will work best. Developing a close connection between the software developer and end user is a unique and innovative method of developing a software product.
  2. Develop data interface for operator reports. The data gathered in the field must be communicated to the operator for evaluation. Using web-based technologies for generating reports via a browser will allow the data to be displayed independently of the computer platform.
  3. iPhone training. Apple Computer conducts regular training across the U.S. at its stores on the use of basic iPhone concepts and applications. Training on the iPad is also available. Apple also has extensive online training available. Knowledge of basic iPhone concepts would be the prerequisite for the pumper/well tender training on the use of the iPhone application.
  4. Application training. By simplifying the user interface, start-up time and user training are reduced. OMWC can assist with contacting operators and the scheduling of the training sessions.
  5. Marketing. OMWC can help with the promotion of the product through their contact list, newsletter, trade show and other events. OMWC can also facilitate connections with other similar organizations across the country.
  6. Extensibility. The product will be designed in such a way that its features can be enhanced and extended in future development beyond this project. For example, inspection and compliance forms and procedures can be added. The extension also applies to remote sensor communication at the wellsite that will further improve operational efficiency.
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