Tank & Well Production Daily Snapshot

Company Name: Wilson Production Company

Lease Name: New Albany Basin – 14A

Address: Deerwood Dr., North Harmony, IL

Product: Crude Oil


Inventory Time: 3/5/2013 11:13:06 AM
Level: 161.3 in
Temperature: 65 deg F
Inventory: 175.62 bbl
Alarm Status: No Alarms
Comm Status: OK
Battery Level: OK
Sensor Status: OK
Tank Type: Standard Vertical Cylindrical Tank
Tank Height: 180.0 in
Tank Number: Tank 876123
Estimated time to high level: 15 days
Estimated time to critical high level: 20 days
Tank Capacity: 196 Bbls
Available Capacity: 19.33 Bbls

Pumper Name: Joe Frederick

Phone: 312-453-4356  


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