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Tank List

Lease List

The Lease List is where you keep track of the leases you manage. Each lease is listed by name and additional leases can be added by selecting the “Lease+” option.

In the Tank List and Well List screens you will be able to associate leases with tanks and wells. When tanks and wells are first created, they are associated with an “Uncategorized” lease.

If you select the “Edit” button in the upper right, you can delete or remove a lease from the list, or you can rearrange the list by using the control on the right side of each row.

WARNING! If you delete a lease, all associated tanks and wells will also be deleted!












Tank Info

Add Lease Information

If you select the “Lease+” button beside a lease name, the setup screen is displayed. This screen allows you to add a new lease.

The name info is always required, and an oil field name can also be added. The latitude and longitude are automatically filled in with the current location. Additionally, the Range, Township and Section is automatically filled in, along with the State and County.

What about Texas? Texas land description data is not available yet.

USAGE TIP: You will notice the “Touch to Reset Location” notice on the screen, over the latitude and longitude areas. If you touch it, the location will be recalculated with your current position. This means that you can enter all your lease (or well and tank) information at the office, and later, when you are at the actual location, reset the location to the correct values.












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