Oct 07

Pumper’s Friend in iTunes Store!



The Pumper’s Friend® iPhone App was just released on the iTunes Store and is available for download onto your iPhone! To make the offer irresistible, it’s a free download!

In order to find the Pumper’s Friend® app, simply launch iTunes and search for “Pumper’s Friend” as shown in the image.

The purpose of the free download is for the project to enter into a test or beta phase. Deploying this kind of software is more than just writing code. It has to do with making the user interface and program functions most efficient and useful for field usage – for the people that will be using it day-to-day.

Reception to Pumper’s Friend® at the Oklahoma City Oil Expo on Oct 6 was enthusiastic. Several people downloaded it on-the-spot to check it out. Training classes, sponsored by the Oklahoma Marginal Well Commission, are coming up next Tuesday in Tulsa and Wednesday in Oklahoma City. We are also working to add one in Ardmore on Thursday.

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